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These Terms & Conditions cover the ‘MINTD Rewards’ Programme, and members of the programme who earn points in connection with qualifying product reviews and online activities that are redeemable towards the purchase of certain products online.


  1. 1. Eligibility. In order to be eligible for the ‘MINTD Rewards’ Programme, you must create an account as outlined in these Terms and Conditions. You may create an account/subscribe if you are at least 18 years of age, have Internet access, and have a valid mailing address.

    Upon choosing to create an account/ subscribe to a MINTD box package, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account, username and password and for restricting access to your account. You are responsible for keeping such information current, complete, accurate and truthful. You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account, username and/or password. You agree to provide only current, complete, accurate and truthful information.

    If you are accessing and using the Site on someone else’s behalf, you represent that you have the authority to bind that person as the principal to all Terms and Conditions provided herein. Persons who are discovered to have more than one account forfeit their points and will be unsubscribed from the ‘MINTD Rewards’ Programme. We reserve the right to revoke your membership for any reason at any time including as a result of a violation of these Term & Conditions or the Privacy Policy , without notice.

  2. 2. Instant Membership with subscription. All individuals that open an account with MINTD Box and start a subscription are instantly enrolled into the ‘MINTD Rewards’ Programme.
    1. 2.1. Tier 1 membership. Constitutes all customers on monthly, bi-monthly and 3 month subscription packages.
    2. 2.2. Tier 2 membership ‘MINTD VIPs’. Constitutes 6 month and 12 month subscription package members. Members with a 6 month+ rolling subscription also automatically qualify as a VIP member. Any monthly, bi-monthly and 3 month subscribers if upgraded to 6 month or 12 month packages instantly qualify as a MINTD VIP.

  3. 3. Advantages of Tier 1 Membership
    1. 3.1. Be Treated. Members of MINTD Box are gifted with 10% off to spend on Gift Store on their birthday.. (and cannot be used in conjunction with another offer on the gift store)
    2. 3.2. Be No.1. Mintd Box provides priority access to promotions for subscribers and exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming boxes and product releases.
    3. 3.3. Be An Ambassador. Members are rewarded with 10% off The Gift Store when you share your MINTD experience on social media (Instagram) and if selected for a ‘repost’ by @Mintdbox.
      The 10% off voucher is valid only until the end of the month of which it was obtained.

  4. 4. Advantages of (Tier 2) VIP Membership
    1. 4.1. Be Treated. VIP members of MINTD Box are gifted with a little something special on their birthday plus an extra 10% off to spend on The Gift Store.
      Gifts may be dispatched at any point within a member’s birthday month or on their next renewal (subsequent month).
    2. 4.2. Be No.1. Mintd Box provides priority access to promotions for subscribers and exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming boxes and exclusive product releases. VIP customers are also given the opportunity to earn double/bonus points on promotions.
      1. 4.2.1. From time to time MINTD Box may run certain bonus point promotions. Under bonus point promotions, VIP members can earn additional or "bonus points" in connection with the running promotion on purchase from the Gift Store.

        When you purchase these specially marked products, or make the purchase during a ‘bonus points time period’, you will earn bonus points on each product as specified in the offer. Bonus point promotions are subject to the terms and conditions of the offer and may be offered at any time at MINTD Box sole discretion. Bonus point offers cannot be combined with any other offer.
    3. 4.3. Be An Ambassador. Members are rewarded with 10% off The Gift Store when you share your MINTD experience on social media (Instagram) and if selected for a ‘repost’ by @Mintdbox.

      The 10% off voucher is valid only for 60 days from the day issued.


  1. 5. General. Individuals are gifted with instant points for opening an account with MINTD Box and beginning a subscription. Members can earn points by completing/publishing product reviews at the end of each month and for successful friend referrals. You can check your MINTD points when you sign into your account.
    1. 5.1. Welcome to Mintd Box (10 Points). All individuals that open an account with MINTD Box and begin a subscription are instantly gifted with 10 ‘Welcome’ Points to your account. Applicable to both Tier 1 and Tier 2 (VIP) customers.
    2. 5.2. Publishing Product Reviews (5 Points). You can earn 5 points when you publish product reviews by the end of each month. You will receive an email at the beginning of the month with a links to complete the product review for ‘This Month’s Box’. You cannot earn over 5 points on one product review, nor duplicate a review, one set of points per a review.
    3. 5.3. Purchase Points (5 points). All Members earn 5 points per one- time order placed on The Gift Store. Points are redeemable on subscription renewals or to spend on The Gift Store.
      During promotional periods/ double point promotions, points may only to applicable to qualifying purchases.


  1. 6. How to use your points. Points must be used in increments outlined in these Terms and Conditions, and are redeemable towards products and subscription renewal.

       • 100 points = £10.00 off
       • 250 points = £25.00 off
       • 500 points = 50.00 off
       • 700 points = Receive a free box

    Points can only be redeemed in any combination of the point and increment amounts set forth above. Redemption of points towards purchases of products is subject to product availability.

  2. 7. How to Redeem your points

    To redeem your MINTD Points:
       • Simply sign into your account
       • Choose your reward
       • Select a reward and confirm

    Please note that once you redeem your points you must keep your subscription active as the points are used as alternative currency when the next box is charged. Your MINTD Points can be redeemed against an active monthly subscription.

    Before you begin shopping with us, sign into your account on our site. Select “Choose your reward” from rewards listed in the below format.

    (You have a redemption balance of : Remainder )

    You will be issued a custom code that you can copy and paste into the discount tab during checkout (Please note - only one code can be used). Your total payment amount will be discounted by the amount of points you allocate to the purchase. Note that points may only be redeemed for the purchase price of the product. GST, shipping, and other handling charges assessed in addition to the price of the product are your responsibility and points may not be used to discount these additional charges.

  3. 8. Points Expiration and Time Lapses. All points acquired, whether standard points or bonus points, expire one year from the date in which they were assigned to your account, regardless of point status (on hold, approved, etc.). For example, points earned on 1 November, 2016 will expire at 12:01am 1 November, 2017. Specific onsite activities/promotions in which points will be awarded are set to accrue points based on the terms and conditions specific to the running promotion.

  4. 9. Exclusions. Only one account per natural person. Only one discount code can be redeemed per transaction. Rewards redemption codes may not be combined with any other discount codes. Points may not be transferred or gifted at this time. Points cannot be used on past purchases. Points accumulated on different accounts by different members may not be combined or aggregated to make purchases of products or for any other reason. Points earned in a transaction cannot be redeemed in the same transaction. Redeemed points cannot be retroactively applied to any past order or receive a price adjustment on any order where redeemed points were not applied. Points have no cash value outside of the MINTD Box website and are available only to members in good standing.

  5. 10. Returns/Order Cancellations. Points redeemed for a purchase on the gift store that is then the subject of a return, cancellation, refund, or other credit will be deducted from your account in an amount equal to the points redeemed towards the original transaction, including any bonus points that may be applicable. Points cannot be reapplied back to your rewards account for any reason on a returned order.

    If an item is exchanged (different size/product) any redeemed rewards on the initial purchase may be transferred to the exchange one (1) time only. (We do not recycle rewards points from order to order or item to item). Rewards redeemed on a subscription box order or gift store purchase cannot be refunded if order is cancelled (before the item ships or a label has been printed).