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'Summer is a state of mind.’ Unknown

'Welcome to the beginning of our summer edits! After what has felt like an eternity the sun has finally made its way back to us, but with this resurgence comes great responsibility. In the lead up to its advent we prepped and preened for sunshine, now we equip you with the tools to go out there and bask in its glory .

Whilst we begin to spend more time outdoors and subject to the sun’s rays we need to remember that our relationship with the summer is about reciprocity: if we respect it, it will respect us. So spring forth and take advantage of all summer has to offer with nourished and protected skin.

This month's edit has an amazing value of up to £159 with an enormous saving of up to £89

Products Inside The Box

-Show Beauty Body Shimmer Oil - Full Size
-Tom Daxon Vachetta Shower Gel- Full Size
-Patchology Posh Peel Pedi Cure Treatment- Full Size
-Lauren B Nail Growth Serum- Full Size
-Skin Laundry Renewing Daily Advanced Protection Moisturiser SPF35- Full Size

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Customer Reviews

Karl C. - 02/20/2019

Highly recommended to get us men extra points

Amazing selection that was rated very highly by the special lady in my life. Men, you can not go wrong with buying one of these boxes for your special lady.

Elena D. - 10/08/2018

Just excellent

Great opportunity to try new products. Shimmer body oil mixing with ny body cream is a good idea for special events and nights out. Spf is always good even in autumn and winter time. It doesn't clog my pores. Oh, and Shower gel with my favorite peppery fragrance is amazing. Others is waiting for next summer.

Kellie A. - 08/19/2018

Perfect for summer

This box is perfect for a summer!! This box had 3 products that I now can’t live without and have repurchased. The Skin Luandry SPF. Soft, creamy and doesn’t clog your pores. The Glow body oil is awesome! Mix a few drops with your body lotion and apply. It smells lovely and the results are perfect glitz arms and legs. The body wash. Yummy-ness in a bottle!! The other two items are not duds either. The food masks work a treat. I’ve used these several times and they’re great. Overall a great box that I loved!!

Agnes H. - 08/09/2018

Love it!!

An other great box The shower is the best for me, smell so nice refreshing with a hint of musk/peppery perfect for me and my husband, and so many bubbles!! The shimmery oil is perfect too, oil is light and slightly sented and shimmer slighty very discreet. Hoping to get good result with the nail serum and other.

Kat W. - 08/12/2018


This box is really lovely. For me the hit products were the Lauren b nail growth, the patchology pedi cure foot masks, and the shower gel (which smells amazing!). The spf is always useful to toss into your bag. The only product that I'm not really sure about is actually the show body oil..... it's just really messy to apply. The packaging is amazing (so cute!!) and result looks good but it's not an everyday product for me because it's a bit tricky. That said, the shelf life on this product is really good so it will last into next summer as well so there is no rush! Overall a great box. I would have also liked two of the patchology masks as it had been when it was first included.

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