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When the fast pace of life shows no signs of slowing down it can be difficult to unwed ourselves from the stresses and strains that occupy our heads throughout the day. This edit has been curated with a collection of soothing ingredients to help you unwind when the day is done, and ease you in to a well-deserved night’s sleep

We start with a lavender, sandalwood, clary sage and chamomile candle to provide an ambient light to those dark evenings. Wash away the stresses of the day with a gorgeous blend of Himalayan salt crystals, sandalwood and jasmine. As the cold nights commence, treat your skin with Frankincense Hydrosol, Turmeric oil and Hyaluronic Acid to reveal radiant skin followed by an application of intensely hydrating cream to gift your skin with a surge of long-lasting moisture to boost dull complexions. Our blend is completed with a sultry overnight serum designed to remove dead skin cells and amplify moisture. This bedtime routine is going to be your bedtime bliss.

Features 5 full / super deluxe sized skincare treats. Worth £171

Products Inside The Box

Farmacy Honeymoon Resurfacing Night Serum (Full Size)
Aromatherapy Associates Hydrosol Treatment Mask (Full Size)
Ila Spa Inner Peace Bath Salts (Super Deluxe Size)
Verso Skincare Nourishing Cream (Super Deluxe Size)
Wild Heart Organics Tranquil Candle (Super Deluxe Size)

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Customer Reviews

Andreia R. - 01/08/2020

Not my favorite box.

This was an Ok box for me. I don’t do candles and rarely ever do salt scrubs because they sensitize my skin. The Verso cream is one that I’ve been meaning to try because niacinamide is one of those very talked about ingredients. It's a good cream with a good consistency The masks are ok but, to me, Aromatherapy Associates’ strength is more in the body/spa category rather than skincare.

Olga S. - 12/28/2019

Luxurious selection

Farmacy Honeymoon Resurfacing Night Serum - a perfect "wake up a few years younger and full of glow" treat - my skin loves it! Ila Spa Inner Peace Bath Salts - perfect for relaxing after a long day. Add a Wild Heart Organics Tranquil Candle - and here you've got a perfect bliss :)

Christina G. - 12/24/2019

Best Beauty Sub out there

Each month I am blown away by how much I love my MINTD box. It is such a treat to try brands I have not tried before, and I have found some must-haves that I have re-ordered. This would be the ideal luxe gift for any beauty-lover out there. I get excited each month and there has not been a product yet that I did not keep and use up. With many other subs I have tried, I ended up giving away what didn't work for me, so in the end it was not worth the cost for a few hits and many misses. MINTD is worth every penny!!!

Kristyna M. - 12/12/2019

Another great box

Every month I am just blown away by the box,this one was no exception. As a huge candle lover I was happy to discover yet another brand, the bath salt and sheet masks are heavenly. But what surprised me the most was the Verso Skincare Nourishing cream. I had not heard of the brand before so I had no expectation however the cream is fantastic. A little goes a long way,so even this 15 ml packaging will last months, I use it as a night cream and wake up every morning with beautiful, fresh a relaxed looking conplexion. I have already looked into what other products the Verso offers and I am about to buy some od those in spite of the high price tag.

Samantha C. - 12/10/2019

Another great box

Mintd boxes have become my favourite I literally would not go anywhere else for my beauty sub fix. Month after month they deliver with amazing products and this box was no different. My favourite was Farmacy - I am usually sensitive with aha some products can really dry my skin out so I started to avoid them. I tried this as it was in the box and wow did the opposite. Made my skin really hydrated and my complexion glows every time I use it now. I think I have found my holy grail when it comes to aha products. Beth salt also dreamy, i always use bath salts of some form whether it be Epsom for a nice detox or magnesium etc. Ila’s smell Devine as well as feeling super luxurious too which is perfect for a cosy bath this time of year when you just want to relax on a cold dark winter night.

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