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Driven by innovation, this facial roller utilises forward-thinking technology for skin that is revived, toned, and uplifted with overall improved facial contour and lymphatic drainage. The device is made with germanium, a key ingredient in activating and balancing the positive and negative ions responsible for ageing, simultaneously defending skin from surrounding environmental aggressors. Its added acupressure pods apply light pressure to stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities, resulting in skin that is less puffy, more even-toned and definitively radiant.

How To Use

Gently roll the massager over desired area in an upward direction for 30-60 seconds.Once finished, clean with alcohol, rinse under hot water and pat dry ready for next use.

Avoid using on the middle of the throat, injured or irritated skin or with active skin conditions like psoriasis. Discontinue using if you find yourself sensitive to germanium



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Customer Reviews

Andreia R. - 02/12/2020


This thing is great! I use it with my last skincare step - face oil. It helps to help absorb into my skin and it's truly a relaxing moment right before bedtime!

Emma P. - 02/13/2020


I’ve only used this as a few times as I’ve been unwell but it does give an immediate boost to the skin each time. It seems to reduce puffiness and help define contours.

Adriana V. - 02/13/2020


I just love it! Easy to use and no prep needed , just a clean skin. If it’s cold is very refreshing . We just love it

Carrolynne H. - 02/15/2020

Feels great on skin

This is my first facial roller and I love how it feels on my skin. It glides across the skin easily and gives a nice cooling sensation. Great quality and attractive product!

Jennifer K. - 02/16/2020

Looking forward to using!

I was really happy to see this in this months box as I loved the MZ skin sheet masks that were in a box a couple of months ago. Although when it arrived it was missing one of the ION’s so I’m looking forward to using it when I receive a replacement. I’m sure it will be fantastic!

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