Ila spa Tuberose and Rose candle


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Product Description

Size: Super Deluxe Size


The soft sweet scent of Tuberose & Rose is deliciously delicate and gently soothing, without being overpowering. The pretty pink of the candle base instantly feminises your personal space. Light it for girlie cheeriness or when you want to create a zone of stillness. Great for meditation, it quietens and calms. Burning Time: 50 hours.


• Jojoba Oil
• Eco-soya Wax
• Essential Oils.

How To Use

Light the candle and allow the subtle aroma to fill the room. Rub melted wax into hands and feet to nourish and fragrance dry skin. Store (unlit) in clothes drawers or linen cupboards to infuse a subtle fragrance.


Eco-soya, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils of Rose Damascena, Rose Geranium, Tuberose and Vetivert.

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Customer Reviews

Andreia R. - 02/12/2020

I'm not a candle person but...

...this thing smells amazing. I've used it a couple of times and and the smell lingers on for quite a while. It looks like it will last too!

Emma P. - 02/13/2020

ILA scents are the best

As per all the other ILA products that have been in previous Mintd boxes this smells amazing. The pink colour glass is gorgeous.

Adriana V. - 02/13/2020

Smells amazing

Did not light the candle yet but it smells amazing! Is the 1st time I see a candle that you can use as moatrurizer and I can’t wait to try it

Luise E. - 02/15/2020

Smells Devine

This smells much less floral than I expected, it’s more of a spa floral than anything else. Burns very clean and fills a big room easily with a soft scent.

Carrolynne H. - 02/15/2020

Lovely scent

Lovely little candle with a refreshing rose scent. Smells great before and after lighting. Not sure I would agree with the 50 hour burn time though!

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