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MINTD Box believe firmly in the power of new beginnings and so this collection of rejuvenating products has been curated to reset your routine, refresh your outlook and revitalise your skin. 2020 provides us with the clarity of vision to see ourselves in a better light. Open your skin up to great possibilities: a new year, a new decade, a new you…

Step into the future with a face mask that carefully integrates magnets to accelerate the circulation of blood and fluid on the skin, thus removing impurities, toxins and excess water to leave skin moisturised, smooth and delicate to the touch. Combine plant based enzymes and probiotic ingredients in a double action enzyme balm which works as a mask to brighten dull and lack-luster skin. Face January head on with a long lasting day cream with the capacity to conceal and reduce lines, keep redness at bay as well as providing some well needed moisture. And don’t forget to pamper those delicate lips with the go to balm used by mark up artists worldwide

Features 4 full sized skincare treats. Worth £152

Products Inside The Box

Aurelia Skincare Refine & Polish Miracle Balm (Full Size)
Magicstripes Youth Magnetic Mask (Full Size)
Dr Lipps (Full Size)
Cult 51 (Super Deluxe Size)

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Customer Reviews

Leyla A. - 08/27/2020

My 1st Box...🙋🏽‍♀️

This was my 1st box...😢 The box that made me fall in love with MINTD and got my friends and I happily addicted! 😁 The products included are definitely iconic. From the pore eraser day cream in Cult51, the Aurelia cleanser (which will have you redefining your cleansing game), the Magic Strips that literally create Magic erasing flaws, and the greatest balm ever created, Dr. Lipp...🤔 actually, to be fair, top 2 because after this box, MINTD introduced me to the Votary Lip Oil, and now I'm confused...😆 Bottom line, if you're new, or on the fence and reading this, Jump Asap, you will not regret it! 🤗 Skin care beauty boxes are my hobby, I'm currently subbed to 15+ 🤦🏽‍♀️ and there is no greater box to product value on the market. Welcome to the greatest unboxing experience ever! 🥰😍🥰

Andreia R. - 04/08/2020

Good selection

What I like about Mintd Box is that it provides a great mix of brands ans products I know but also allows me to discover some new ones. I haven't tried any of the products in this particular box but I'm excited to! I have never heard about Cult 51 but the reviews online are great and it's in line to be used as soon as I finish my current jar of day cream. Also I have seen Magic Stripes but thought the idea of a magnetic mask was kind of strange so I'm also intrigued to try this one. As for the mask, any Aurelia product is always welcome as is a lip balm.

Lindsay V. - 03/10/2020

Super Lush

This is a very luxurious box, my favourite product has to be the Dr Lipp. I live in Canada, and the winter has been dry and this product has been a lifesaver. The Aurelia scrub is really nice, doesn't feel too harsh on the skin, and leaves a nice feeling of moisture after you wash it off. The only product I don't get much use out of is the sheet masks, mainly it's just a waste issue (one use products going into the bin), but I have used them and they do feel really nice on.

niamh c. - 03/05/2020

Love love love

Wow one of my favourites so far. Star product by far is the cult 52 cream. It is fab - unfortunately extremely expensive so my purse won't allow a repurchase :(. The magicstripes are great for a relaxing face mask. The Dr lipp very effective lip balm - I will repurchase this. The facial balm I haven't tried because I already have alot of similar products to use up first, but the size of this is very substantial. I loved this box, one of my faves so far.

Adriana V. - 02/13/2020


I really like all the products and I can say that I’ve already managed to finish the day cream. The lip balm is the little gem for me ... it does wonders specially in this cold season . Loved trying the masks , I can say there is enough liquid to use it twice and my skin is a lot better now.

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