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MINTD has curated the wellness edit with holistic health in mind; combining beautifully soothing, relaxing and hydrating ingredients to turn your personal space into your very own spa.

Commence by preparing your space for relaxation with a room spray that contains the most powerful essential oils, known to combat depression and to uplift emotions. Cleanse with an innovative hybrid oil and water based gel so effective that it can banish the trace of waterproof mascara without upsetting the skin’s delicate balance. Buff away dull, dead, dry skin with natural cactus sisal bristles leaving you smooth and refined. And finish off with an antioxidant rich overnight treatment infused with Vitamins A and E, Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil, designed to restore your complexion.

Features 5 full / super deluxe sized skincare treats. Worth £223

Products Inside The Box

SU-MAN Purifying Cleansing Gel Oil (Full Size)
ILAPOTHECARY Beat The Blues (Super Delxue Size)
AVANT Moisture Surge Overnight Treatment (Full Size)
ANNE SEMONIN Youth Radiance Elixir (Super Deluxe Size)
AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES Revive Dry Body Brush (Full Size)

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Customer Reviews

G. - 01/21/2021

Total winner in my opinion

The dry brush is amazing and so much more effective yet gentler on my skin than a loofa. I have a different su man polish from a different edit and it became an unexpected favourite so I’m excited for this cleanser. I need another elixir so this is a pleasant addition and the avant moisturizer gives this box an INCREDIBLE value!

Andreia R. - 12/29/2020

Great self care edit

I loved this box! The Aromatherapy's dry brush is the best one I've ever used. The Su-man cleansing oil has been a wonderful discovery. Such a nice cleanser and very affordable. I will for sure repurchase. Anne Semonin is a brand I've discovered through Mintd box that I've come to really like. Another win for Mintd!

Leyla A. - 08/27/2020

Holy Grail Product Alert! 🥰

This box was curated with relaxation/isolation wellness in mind. Goal achieved! One thing I had never practiced was skin/body brushing, which basically promotes circulation and drainage. That one simple step and brush product included in this box, has changed the skin on my body in ways I never thought I needed it to. Now that I've started to quickly brush over clothes before showering, the results are visible (so many extra dead skin cells 🤮). It has given my skin a bikini ready glow! I even started placing a shirt over my face and brushing it lightly before showering as well, and achieving similar results. Give it a try...Holy Grail product in my book! Thanks MINTD! 😉💃💃😘

Carrolynne H. - 05/02/2020

Isolation Wellness

Great selection of products to add to your wellness routine in isolation! The body brush was a fun new routine that I've begun before showers and baths and have noticed that my skin feels softer and brighter. The Su-Man Cleansing Gel Oil was probably my favourite product in this box, with its subtle scent and ease of use without stripping the skin of all natural oils. However, all products in the line up have been a joy to use and have been incorporated to my daily routines.

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