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Silk Sleep Eye Mask It’s time to aid sleep with a touch of luxury. Improve sleep quality with your very own MINTD sleep mask in a sultry navy. Made from 100% of the highest grade silk (6A) and certified non-toxic dyes, this mask is great for preserving youthful skin and preventing wrinkles. It should be no secret: what you apply over your skin is important, especially when it comes to the delicate eye area

Key Benefits

Soft sleep mask made with 6A mulberry silk

Contains no dyes or toxic chemicals

Helps to reduce the creases often caused by regular pillows & sleep mask

Thick, durable and soft sleep mask will stand the test of time.

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Customer Reviews

Ciara H. - 11/12/2020


What a fab piece. Love this eye mask and the pouch it comes in. Take it everywhere and the silk is proper quality leaving no sleep lines or marks on my face. Love it!

Leyla A. - 10/31/2020

Super Soft! 😪

I always used heavy sitting masks to prevent undereye puffiness. This one is as light as a feather and works wonders. Who knew??? Silk is def the way to go! Side tip: add any eye masks underneath and no need to wait...😴 Wake up to beautiful depuffed undereyes...🤩💋😍

Tamara G. - 10/29/2020

Soft and luxurious

A very soft and luxurious way to protect my eyes while sleeping. Feels decadent but cosy!

Carrolynne H. - 10/29/2020


I love wearing eye masks to sleep and this is a great, high quality product. Comfortable to wear, stays in place and so, so soft! It also comes in a beautiful, elegant shade of blue.

Andreia R. - 10/27/2020


I love eye masks and this one is so soft and luxurious. It's also very comfortable to wear. The colour is stunning!

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