prismologie SAPPHIRE & Silver Relaxing Meridian Balm


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Product Description

Size: Full Size


A multi-purpose balm wand powered by Sapphire, Silver and Butterfly Lavender to still, soothe, and relax your body and mind.


Top Notes: Lemon, Grapefruit, Galbanum
Middle Notes: Oud, Vetiver Cedarwood
Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber, Musk
Relaxes and eases the body.

How To Use

Glide over or tap onto the body following your prescribed ritual to enjoy a feeling of calm and stillness.


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Customer Reviews

Tamara G. - 10/29/2020

Beautiful smell and feel

A thick beautiful smelling balm. I massage onto pulse points before bedtime. The smell is divine but not overpowering.

Carrolynne H. - 10/29/2020


Great product with such a beautiful, lovely scent. I much prefer scented balms as a sleep aid; I normally rub it on my wrists and breathe in deeply to help myself relax into a deep sleep.

Andreia R. - 10/27/2020


I’m a fan of pillow mists and this product is luxurious step up. The smell is beautiful and so relaxing. It's a very good size so it will last a while. I love it!

Beth B. - 10/25/2020

No thanks

I didn’t like the scent of this or the texture. It was too strong smelling, but I’m sensitive to scents. It was an interesting item to have in the box, but for me it was a miss

Louisa C. - 10/13/2020

Beautiful Product

What a great product. Smells divine. My most favourite product yet ❤️❤️

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