Spring / Summer 2021 MINTD Mystery Box Range

£65.00 - £85.00

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There’s nothing quite like the element of surprise! So, whether you’re treating that special someone in your life or that special someone is you, gift them with a selection of mystery cult products which will be unveiled upon unwrapping…

Choose from 3 mystery boxes:

Features 2-3 full/deluxe sized products (worth over £130) £65
Features 2-4 full/deluxe sized products (worth over £150) £75
Features 3-7 full/deluxe sized products (worth over £180) £85.

*Please note all products are selected at random.*

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Customer Reviews

Leyla A. - 11/30/2020

Just Received my $75 Mystery Box...Is it worth it?  READ ON! 🤔

🙋🏽‍♀️Okis, I may have to copy and paste this post in various subcription sites we all comment on, since everyone has been asking me to write what I got, but of course, MINTD gets 1st dibs! 😊 So I went out on a limb and got the middle of the pack $75 box, along with one of the other boxes on sale so I could use the $20 off October coupon on October 31st!  I know, I almost missed the cut off and I would have died...🤯...but anyways... 1st Q Everyone Asks: Are the products included from the picture shown?  YES!  I'm sure it will vary, and the most expensive boxes may include other treats not pictured, but since I went towards the middle of the pack I received 4 products included in the picture.  And they must take into account your past purchases because they chose the 4 products I most wanted to try! 🤗💃💃🤗 2nd Q Everyone wants to know: Soooo, what did I get?  I received: #1 ~ NEOM Organics London (Real Luxury Body Scrub) #2 ~ SU-MAN Refining Facial Polish (Saved me buying the Lancer Polish with the Sephora 20% off coupon!  Yay me! 🙌🏽) #3 ~ Verso Retinol Lip #4 ~ Earth Tu Face Cal ~ Hydrate + Repair 3rd Q: Was the value promised correct? ABSOLUTELY, Above and Beyond! 🤗💃💋💃🤗 4th Q: Overall Worth it??? YESSSS, especially with the Cyber Monday discount!  Don't walk...RUNNNNN! 🤗🤑🤗 Happy Holidays and health to ALL who read this and your loved ones! 🥰  Thanks MINTD, for making life a little bit sweeter every single time a box arrives! 🙏🏽😷🙆🏽‍♀️😇🙏🏽

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