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“You are worth taking time for, luxury skincare is a necessity”

When it comes to skincare it’s best to entrust the experts so we bring you MINTD Box x Rodial. Rodial is the pinnacle of luxury beauty and skincare, delivering instant results and long-lasting benefits, allowing us to finally have our cake and eat it too!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and this ultra-nourishing cleansing balm is no exception! Wash away the day to leave skin feeling smoother and looking radiant. In need of moisture? Look no further than Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Mask, providing deep conditioning to dehydrated skin. Incorporate Bee Venom Eye to stimulate blood circulation and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. And where would we be without Vit C SPF Moisturiser? The secret to eternal youth is keeping skin protected from UVA and UVB rays.

Features 4 Full Sized Skincare Treats. Worth Over £300

Products Inside The Box

Rodial Pink Diamond Cleansing Balm (Full Size)
Rodial Vit C SPF30 Moisturiser (Full Size)
Rodial Bee Venom eye (Full Size)
Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Mask (Full Size)

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Customer Reviews

Lesley D. - 08/04/2021

Excellent products and great value

I first tried Rodial products in a previous Mint’d box and was very impressed so decided to get this box to try some more. I love the dragons blood mask and use it as a pick me up and particularly if my skin is being a little sensitive. The cleansing balm is effective and feels fresh and the moisturiser is good on my slightly dry skin and added benefit of SPF. I think I actually prefer the Vit C moisturiser to the bee serum which I already have. I haven’t tried the eye serum yet as I’m finishing my current eye cream but it looks rich and I would expect it to be as good as all the other Rodial products I have tried. If you haven’t tried Rodial before, this is a good way to do so and great value as well.

Helen W. - 07/15/2021

Pure heaven in a box

Love this box. I’ve had rodial stuff before from Mintd and these items did not disappoint. The pink diamond face wash is lovely in the shower. It makes my face feel so clean and fresh. The bee venom eye cream is thick and nourishing and really makes me feel like the delicate skin around my eyes is getting all the moisture it needs. The vitamin c cream with spf 30 is lovely. Feels light and fresh on my face and with factor 30 I’m good to go everyday - my face nourished and protected. The dragons blood - my daughter loves it when I use this (she’s 6 and thinks I’m fibbing when I say dragons don’t exist) the texture of this is heavenly. It’s got a thick almost powdery feel to it and sinks deep into my skin. I’ve had this item before and I love love love it. Once rubbed into my face and neck, any left over on my hands I rub into my legs and it’s makes them so smooth.

Helena F. - 06/12/2021

Fantastic box!

This was my first Mintd box and I am so happy with it. Four amazing products at a really good price. I can’t even pick a favourite among them because they’re all soo good.

Leyla A. - 06/04/2021

20% Off, Don't Walk, RUN & Get This! 🤑

Amazeballs box, as expected from MINTD. The mix of the products' colors, sizes, combinations and even the outside of the box are a delight. As a girly girl, an engineer and a Libra, those details are not lost on me! 🙏🏽 The face wash is delish and makes a difference in brightness. The Vit C moisturizer plumps like no other, even when used overnight. The mask didn't leave an out of this world impression, but I have only tried it once. I will give it a few more shots. Here for box #2 as soon as I saw the discount! 🤗🤑🤑🤗

Wiesje W. - 05/31/2021

AMAZING - As usual.

Can't get over this box -- So amazing. Absolutely love it, such a treat!

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