Stephie Ann Lavender Silk Eye Mask


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A bedtime essential, our Anemone Silk Eye Mask has been designed for the perfect nights sleep! The classic eye mask features our magenta anemone print with swirls of oil paint and anemones in bloom. Lined with black silk satin to enhance sleep quality, eye masks fit comfortably with a silk elastic strap. A great relaxation treat or fantastic gift for mothers, sisters and friends. Scented with lavender.

How To Use

Slip on & off when required


Made in Great Britain. 95% Silk 5% Elastane. buy now

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Customer Reviews

Julia H. - 07/11/2017

Luxurious, beautiful design, gorgeous smell

I used to use eye masks all the time but stopped a while ago until I received this and now I am hooked again! The fabric is absolutely beautiful and feels soft and comfortable against your skin and the fragrance is light and relaxing.

Mandy W. - 07/07/2017

Nice but not used to it

I've never used a mask like this before but I'll keep trying because I really like the lavender.

Casey J. - 07/08/2017


This is a very soft and comfortable eye mask that doesn't irritate my eyes. I didn't love the lavender scent, but it wore off quickly so now I can just use it as a regular eye mask.

Melanie S. - 07/07/2017


although I usually dont use Eye Masks, I'll keep this one for travel as it gives a silky luxurious feel and looks very pretty. You can also respray it with a lavender essential oil mixture , it doesn't wash off the color.

Janice H. - 06/25/2017


I don't think I've ever used an eye mask but if I was to, this would be the one I'd reach for. It's luxurious and the lavender smell is very soothing. A great present for anyone who is s fan of eye masks so I might regift it.

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