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September 2019

A little something about this month's box

This month we are celebrating the best in class when it comes to British Skincare. We are heralded as a market leader and will continue to be by creating products that are innovative, high quality, and good for the skin. So, we pay homage to homegrown heroes with a medley of nourishing ingredients produced in the great isles.

Apply a blend of raspberry seed oil, rice bran, blackcurrant seed oil, prickly pear, a rich source of vitamin E, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to repair the damage from urban living. Illuminate and smooth under eyes with probiotic ingredients and BioOrganic botanicals. Take on the world with a light and fluffy day cream that gives you amazing hydration, softness and radiance. And rescue skin from blemishes with natural oils and salicylic acid.

Indulge yourself with Great British Brands Votary, Ila Spa, Aurelia and De Mamiel.


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