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October 2021

A little something about this month's box

A year of isolation has passed, the world has reopened and we have edged out of the comfort and calmness of our homes and communities and back into the full swing of life! Lockdown for many inadvertently created the perfect environment for rest and self-care, but now with life getting busier and the winter months approaching, we are slowly forgetting the importance of resetting and refocusing ourselves.

This month’s edit has been specially curated with a series of saviour products to repair, balance, and protect your skin as you slumber in these coming winter months.

Drift into a restorative slumber with powerful plant based and penetrative ingredients; cannabidiol oil, prickly pear extract and hyaluronic acid- tackling signs of anti-ageing, promoting college synthesis and boasting results of radiance. Push the boundaries and optimise skin restoration and rejuvenation with powerful supercharged formulas of melatonin and B12 maximising your skin’s natural repair performance as well as reinforcing your skin’s protective barrier and minimising visible signs of fatigue. Relieve stresses and pressures, relax and refresh your mind and body with soothing and therapeutic aromas of lavender, bergamont, rosemary and ginger. So why not indulge in this month’s Sleep Series? After all, ‘Beauty Sleep’ is no myth!


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